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April 2013 update:  The "Digital Know-How" Learning Library is live at!

The gist of the Digital Know-How Learning Library will be to teach my workflow, techniques, tools and checklists for digitizing your knowledge and getting it online and web ready. The course goes beyond the fundamentals of screencasting; it’ll give you a visual “step-by-click” guide through each phase of my digital creation process from concept to upload and display.  You'll even learn the highly acclaimed "picture-in-picture" synchronization technique.  Click the image above to find out more.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to update this blog at least three times weekly with new articles about web video and screencast content creation techniques.  At least one of these weekly articles is video-based with a valuable step-by-step show-you-how visual guide. Sign up above to get notified of updates to ScreencastingWizard.

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